The reason 98% of freelance translators struggle


When you decided to start freelancing, what did you want?

Did you imagine  traveling the world and being able to work from anywhere?

Having extra time to spend with loved ones?

Working on your own terms and calling the shots in your freelance translation business?

If you’re like most freelance translators, somewhere down the line you may have noticed that you’re scrambling for one-off gigs, not getting paid what you deserve, and dealing with clients that spring impossible deadlines on you who don’t appreciate the work you do.

And instead of working from cafes around the world enjoying a cup of cafe au lait and a flaky buttery croissant, you’re frustrated barely making ends meet and overworked like this translator:

“Honestly, I had dreams of sitting in the garden working in the sunshine. I can’t afford a garden and I’m working almost 27/7, so the sun is not even shining have the time I’m working. I’m seriously contemplating switching industries.” 

So you ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” And start to wonder, “Where are all the good clients?”

But things is, finding well paying clients isn’t what’s getting in your way… it’s something much deeper.

Most translators aren’t even aware of it and will continue to struggle unless they discover the REAL reason behind their lack of success.

The “secret sauce” to succeeding as a freelance translators has nothing do with fancy marketing tactics, money, or experience.

And by making this little known tweak in your translation business you’ll beat out the 98% of the other frazzled translators in the race toward the bottom.

So why do many freelance translators fail and never fulfill their dreams of freelancing?

One word: mindset

So many talented people get crippled by their negative self-talk.

Seemingly harmless comments like, “I don’t have the experience” and “I’m not ready to freelance, I need more practice”, and “I don’t have a degree in translation”, Are stopping you from reaching your full potential.

This is what I call, “The experience trap” A lack of confidence in your abilities, whether it’s technical experience, language skills, or business acumen that manifest itself in comments like the ones above.

They’re insidious because your fear of failure will  have you waiting on the sidelines to, “gain more experience” until the “right moment” comes along.

The truth is you’ll never be able to cut it as a freelance translator unless you fix your inner psychology. That magic moment where everything is perfect never comes, which is why your state of mind is more important than your level experience, skills, and credentials.

Positive self-talk is what will keep your eyes on the prize when the inevitable challenges freelancing strike. This is the first step in succeeding as a freelance translator. Without the right mindset you’ll be hostage to your fears.

After having spoken with hundred of Translators Academy readers, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a matter of confidence and not competence that keeps many translators from realizing their dreams of freelancing.

My goal is to uncover hidden roadblocks getting in your way so you stand out from the sea of faceless translators bidding to the bottom. I want to  help you avoid the mistakes that have cost me thousands of dollars over the years, so you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of freelancing.

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But first, I want to hear from you. Why did you get into freelancing in the first place? What is some of the negative self-talk getting in your way? Share your comments with me by simply replying to this email. I read every single response.

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