I’m smiling because I’m happy to see you here. I can tell we’ll be good friends.

Fellow translator (or translator in the making.)

My name is Maryam Abdi. I’m the founder of Translators Academy.

Before I tell you about myself, let me ask you a few questions…

  • Do you want to become a translator but you’re afraid nobody will hire you because you have “zero” experience?
  • Are you clueless about where to look for high-paying translation jobs?
  • Are you worried about competing with better, more experienced translators?
  • Are you a translator who’s worried where your next job will come from?
  • Would you like to discover the same strategies a translation veteran has been using for 9 years to consistently attract high-paying clients, month after month?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.


Because I’ve been there, and I’ve made it through all of these hurdles.

You see, while most freelance translators are struggling, there are a small number that have figured out the industry “secrets.”

They’re the ones setting their own hours, getting paid doing what they love, and working from wherever they please.

This is what I want to share with you on Translators Academy. How you, too can live the “translator’s life.” 

 Imagine being your own boss and having the freedom and flexibility of working when you want, wherever you want. 

From language enthusiast to location independent translator

The fact that you’re here means you’re in the same place I was many years ago…

Confused, exhaused, and uncertain about how to get translation clients.

I started freelancing nine years ago while I was studying political science and international relations at the University of California, San Diego.

I had a passion for languages and craved the freedom and flexibility freelancing offered but had no idea how to break into the industry.

There wasn’t much information on how to get started as a freelance translator.

On top of that, the “Old Pros” kept throwing around the same tired old advice of, “Work for low pay until you gain experience” and suggesting to put in “many years of hard work” Before I could get high-paying clients.

So that is when I decided to dive deep and really learn how freelancing worked.

Cracking the Code to Freelancing 

Over the last nine years, I built my freelance translation business from scratch and worked with powerhouse clients, like Sony and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)…While having the choice to work from anywhere in the world.


Besides translation, I also have a thing for artisanal chocolate and Paris


Why me?

Results. That’s what I’m all about. I flip the conventional cookie-cutter methods other freelance translators use on its head.

I won’t tell you to pay your dues, send a ton of resumes to translation agencies and wait for a call back, or bid your way to the bottom on translation job portals.

What I’ll share with you are proven strategies to quickly get started as a freelance translator so you can run a profitable business from day one.


Work remotely servicing clients from all over the world (no bosses, no commute.)

My passion is in helping translators find freedom through freelancing, like I have.

It’s how I’m able to spend several months a year traveling the world while running my successful freelance translation business from anywhere I please (even at home.)

The truth is, if these are the things you really desire but you’ve been doing the same thing, then it’s time for a fresh approach…

And that is where I come in. I share some of the best insights and industry secrets to skyrocket your freelance translation business so you can…

  • Find your dream clients, charge the highest rates, and get paid what you deserve
  • Set your own hours (nobody expects you to be in the office at 9:00am everyday)
  • Work on your terms (no boss breathing down your neck)
  • Work from home or anywhere else (while sipping a steamy cup of café au lait and nibbling on a flaky buttery croissant)

Get ahead in your translation business...Faster!

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